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On a tiny remote jungle island, tucked away like a gem in a pocket of the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, in a land where tribal clans still practice cherished traditions and rituals, and where the constant rumbling of a great monolithic volcano is surpassed only by the volume of rich organic ash which it generously rains down upon a land rivaling Eden, something happened!

We found the world’s most amazing coffee!!!!​


The Republic of Vanuatu is a world of mystery, myth and tradition that fills the visitor with awe. From the birthplace of bungee jumping to the incredible story of the John Frum Cargo Cult, this land craves to be explored.

At Vanuatu Coffee Roasters, when our travels crossed paths with this island and its people, we knew that we had found many special treasures; the jungle, the people, the culture, and yes, that insanely great coffee!​

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With its 30 acre investment spread among 10 chiefs and their villages, Vanuatu Coffee Roasters has teamed up with the island’s coffee cooperative, INIK, as well as its joint venture partner, Tanna Coffee Plantations, to help the subsistence farmers of the island.

By providing the farmers with a cash crop, we not only help them stabilize and preserve their way of life, but also aim to stem the tide of the exodus of the island’s youth in search of income to help provide for their families, truly the greatest risk to the island’s culture.


Our purpose, our desire and our dream at Vanuatu Coffee Roasters is to introduce the United States and its discerning coffee drinkers to one of the most delicious, exotic and rare coffees on the planet from Tanna Island in the Republic of Vanuatu.​

Please feel free to explore this site to learn more about us.

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